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    I’ve read somewhere that it’s not legal to sell coupons on eBay, but I see them all over so I was wondering if I’m missing anything. Some sellers say that the coupons are actually free and the payment is only for the shipping and handling.

    Tracy Winters
    Tracy Winters

    Technically No. In reality – Yes

    Technically – you’re not allowed to buy or sell coupons. It doesn’t matter if it’s on eBay or anywhere else. That is the manufacturers” policy.

    They distribute different coupons at different communities, and don’t want people messing up with their promotions strategy. However, as you’ve suggested, they can’t force their policy because they can’t hunt down millions. In addition people claim that they give away the coupons for free and only charge money for a service they provide – which is theoretically legal.

    Interestingly – eBay itself allows selling manufacturer coupons on its site. It used to ban it for some time, but changed its policy not long ago. eBay does have a few rules for selling coupons, though. Here are a few highlights:

    You can

    • Sell unexpired paper coupons or inserts (max 100 coupons or 5 whole inserts at a time, max 20 identical coupons).
    • Sell max 2 coupons for Free Products
    • Sell max 2 coupons printed from the internet

    You can’t

    • Sell expired coupons (they regard this a s fraud).
    • Sell scanned coupons (coupons that aren’t original)
    • sell coupons that has been recalled by the manufacturers, or coupons for products that have been recalled by the manufacturers

    If your interested, here’s the link to eBay’s coupon policy:



    As far I know there is no problem with Ebay coupon codes. I have used such coupons several times, never faced any issue.


    Barbara Ed

    Ebay seems to have forgotten where its bread and butter came from. Do “sellers” ring a bell?? Go going eBay, keep on biting the hands that have fed you.

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