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    I live in a small town, where many people struggle with money. Almost everyone is using grocery coupons to save money and trying very hard to stretch their dollar.

    Last year I’ve asked our library to set up a coupon exchange box for everyone to take or leave coupons.

    The idea is that everybody can put the coupons they don’t use in that box for others that may find use for it. Once a week, before I go shopping I check the box for coupons I may use.

    Since we’ve initiated the project 11 months ago I can report that many people are using and benefiting from it. I strongly urge you to ask your library or church to set one up!




    Great money saving tip!

    This is an excellent money saving tip. Where I live we have a different coupon box.

    We have a few families with relatives stationed abroad. Most people don’t know it, but Military Commissaries accept coupons for 6 months beyond their expiration.

    Our church has set up a Grocery Coupons Box where people can leave their expired coupons. Once every month we divide the lot between three different envelops and send it abroad to our stationed relatives.

    I’ll ask my church to set up 2 different boxes, one for valid coupons and another one for expired ones. This way we can make the best out of these grocery coupons.

    Tracy Winters
    Tracy Winters

    Great Idea

    Cynthia & Catherine,

    Thank you very much for bringing up the subjects of coupon exchange groups and especially Military Commissaries. I’ve posted it here.

    I think that giving away grocery and food coupons that you don’t use to our armed forces stationed abroad is the minimum we can do to show our support and appreciation to them.

    Since I don’t have anyone in my family to send grocery coupons to, I’ve searched and found a program called Overseas Coupon Program (OCP) that enables everyone, even those that has no family members in the armed forces, to send their expired coupons to them.

    I’ve signed up with the program, and once a month I’m sending them all the coupons that I don’t use, expired as well as none. I think that every one with a heart should sign up as well.

    If you want to participate as well follow the link above for details.


    Barbara Ed

    Great idea, Nothing I dislike more than discarding coupons I don’t use!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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