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    When you use food coupons, what are MIR forms and how do they work?




    MIR stands for Manufacturer’s Instant Rebate.

    These forms are attached to the item that you buy and give you a discount when you pay for it at the register.



    Sandra– I think that you are wrong. I’ve never been given a discount while buying.

    From my personal experience, MIR Forms are Mail-In-Rebates Forms.
    First – you have to buy the product at a full price. That you mail the form together with a proof of purchase, and a month later you get a check in the mail.

    Here is an example ad I’ve seen today:
    Buy Mueller Kinesiology tape – $6.99, get a $6.99 MIR form at check-out!
    Final Price = Free after MIR

    That means that first you pay the $6.99, than you mail them the MIR form, and only when the check arrives – you get your money back.

    I’ve also seen MIR forms in manufacturer’s sites.
    For example, some manufacturers issue $25/$50 MIR Forms. That means that you need to buy $50 worth of products from that manufacturer (at what ever store you like, but it has to be in a single one purchase). Than you mail in the MIR, and get a $25 check by mail.
    So after getting the check by mail, it’s like getting a 50% discount on all the products.

    You can use coupons and MIR forms together. However usually you will have to spend the stated amount before coupons and tax, but really, it’s better to read the fine print because different manufacturers have different limitations and you don’t want to spend $50 only to find that you don’t qualify for a certain reason or another.

    Such limitations may be certain products or product categories that don’t participate, a list of participating stores, a time span for which the offer is valid etc.

    Hope this helps.


    Barbara Ed

    Great Blog & Thanks for sharing this information.

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