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    I try to do extreme couponing, but all I’m able to get is about 50% savings, not even close to what they do on the show. How do I get around that 90% like they do on the show?



    It’s practically impossible to do what they do on that show

    Unless your store has a great coupon policy and will actually double or triple them, it’s really impossible to coupons as they do on the show. More so – since the show has come out, stores have actually worsened their policies so people can’t do that. Be happy if you manage to get 50% savings.



    Stores changed their coupon policy because of that show

    Reality is that since the show has come on, grocery stores have changed their policies to where they only double up to $0.99 and some has even stopped to double at all. They also now have limits at many places that you can only use 20 coupons per day and also you can’t stack coupons.

    So it’s basically impossible now.

    Tracy Winters
    Tracy Winters

    Realistic Couponing Vs. Extreme Couponing


    I get a few emails every day with the same question and complaints.

    Unfortunately, that show has given people unrealistic expectations for couponing and given most couponers unfair representation.

    Don’t expect to get 90% savings. Remember – it’s a TV show, not real life.

    Many stores that you see on the show have allowed these people to coupon limitlessly. But they do impose limits on everyone else.

    50% saving is pretty good, and that means that you’re a good couponer.

    Doing more than that will require some extreme measures. Are you willing to do dumpster diving? Are you ready to Stockpile for 4 years? And how does investing 60+ hours a week sounds like?

    I’m not sure it’s worth the effort…

    With that in mind – if you want to improve your couponing skills then you may find this site, and especially the Smart Coupon Strategy very helpful.


    Barbara Ed

    Extreme couponing saves couponers hundreds to thousands of dollars every year and provides great bulk storage for themselves and their families. I mean seriously, why pay full price for an item if it’s possible to get it for free?

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