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    Not many people know that grocery manufacturer coupons can be used for a variety of products the same manufacturer has.

    You don’t need to use the coupon on the exact brand. You only need to use it on something from the same manufacturer or “family.” Obviously, it isn’t broadcasted to the consumer that this can be done, but it always works.

    For example, if Kellogg’s puts out coupons for Kellogg’s Special k, you can actually use the coupon to buy any type of cereals by Kellogg’s, even if the coupon doesn’t say it.




    Daria, I didn’t know that was possible… Awesome tip!
    I used to throw away some manufacturer coupons when they didn’t match my favorite product.

    What a waste… Can’t wait till my next shopping tour to use them on the products I like!

    Thanks a bunch

    Tracy Winters
    Tracy Winters

    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for the contribution. I’ve posted it on the here.


    Barbara Ed

    Thank you for the helpful information.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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