Do any Safeways still double coupons?

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    John Tabinsky

    On this site, the list of stores which double coupons still shows Safeway, but as far as I can tell all the Safeways in the Phoenix, AZ area have stopped doing so about a year ago. I was told they stopped doing it because Fry’s (Kroger in AZ) has stopped so Safeway didn’t feel the need to continue. You’d think since Fry’s has improved and expanded here Safeway would want to continue to double to get some of the business back and encourage customers to shop there instead of Fry’s, but no. The Safeway website still implies they do double coupons -maybe-, but the wording is ambiguous. I guess I could call Safeway’s 800 number to find out for sure, but I’m curious if anyone (as of October 2016) is aware of Safeways which still double coupons. Since I travel a lot even info on other states is beneficial to me.



    Accoring to Safway’s coupon policy, not all stores offer double coupons promotions… or in other words, check with your local store regarding “double coupon” promotions…

    B.T.W, in ALL Safway stores double coupons applys only to paper coupons, not e-coupons.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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