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Extreme coupons & Loyalty Card – how to combine?

by Laurie I’m new to couponing, and wanted to know if there was a trick or tip to using your loyalty card and coupons. What saves more money? Should I hand over the coupons first and only when they are

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Extreme coupons – how?

by Aimee (MN) I try to do extreme couponing, but all I’m able to get is about 50% savings, not even close to what they do on the show. How do I get around that 90% like they do on

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Targeted coupons by email

by William I’d like to share a new grocery coupons service I’ve recently started using. It is called LOZO, and what’s special about it is that you can focus the grocery coupons that you get according to your needs. How

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Extreme Coupons / Extreme Couponing

The new show “Extreme Coupons” on TLC has shocked everyone with the incredible potential of coupon savings, but it exposed some dark sides of couponing too. Unfortunately, the show has also given people unrealistic expectations about couponing. Every day I

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