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Couponing MIR Forms?

by Helen When you use food coupons, what are MIR forms and how do they work? Thanks MIR stands for Manufacturer’s Instant Rebate by: Sandra MIR stands for Manufacturer’s Instant Rebate. These forms are attached to the item that you

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Coupons to print software problem

by Maria I’m trying out find some coupons to print, but when I try to print the coupons they want me to connect my printer somehow with their coupon printing software and it’s so annoying! I can’t print any of

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Does Wal-Mart accept such coupons?

by Rachel I’ve downloaded a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” coupon for Cesar cuisine entrees for dogs directly from the Cesar website. The coupon just says a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” but it doesn’t say how much I need

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Extreme coupons & Loyalty Card – how to combine?

by Laurie I’m new to couponing, and wanted to know if there was a trick or tip to using your loyalty card and coupons. What saves more money? Should I hand over the coupons first and only when they are

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Manufacturer coupons are flexible

by Daria Not many people know that grocery manufacturer coupons can be used for a variety of products the same manufacturer has. You don’t need to use the coupon on the exact brand. You only need to use it on

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Extreme coupons – how?

by Aimee (MN) I try to do extreme couponing, but all I’m able to get is about 50% savings, not even close to what they do on the show. How do I get around that 90% like they do on

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Targeted coupons by email

by William I’d like to share a new grocery coupons service I’ve recently started using. It is called LOZO, and what’s special about it is that you can focus the grocery coupons that you get according to your needs. How

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iHerb Promotion Code / $5 Coupon

by Patric I found an iHerb promotion code: MIW510 You get $5 OFF your first purchase from iHerb! Free shipping on orders over $20 plus free samples with your order!. Never expire! You can use it here. Just share with

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Where do I get previous Sunday paper coupons?

by Tee (Saint Ignatius, MT) Can anybody tell me where I can get previous Sunday paper coupons? Are they somewhere on the internet? Thank You, T Trading & Purchasing Coupons by: Christine Tee, there are many ways to obtain previous

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