Grocery Store Coupons

Grocery Store CouponsOffered by almost every major retailer, Grocery Store Coupons are an excellent augmentation to manufacturer coupons, and increase the shopper’s savings by stacking the two together.

These coupons are offered by the retailers through store magazines, direct mail & email, local newsletters and more. More store coupons are available at coupon dispensers through out the store.

Grocery Store Coupons (also known as Retailer Coupons) can almost always be stacked with manufacturer coupons, increasing your savings considerably.

The next time you are at the grocery store, look for the coupon dispensers located along the aisles. Pick a few (Remembering to leave some for others…) as you shop to build up your coupon stock.

If you trade coupons with others or have teamed a coupon group, pick some that you don’t normally use for your self but may interest others.

Some stores (e.g. CVS) have machines that will spew out extra coupons when you scan your loyalty card. You won’t be able to trade these coupons, but they can add up to your reserve.

Other stores (e.g. Kruger) put out eCoupons that load onto your loyalty card. These free electronic coupons can often be stacked on top of paper coupons – increasing your savings. 

Following is a list of all the nation’s major retailers and their store coupons information. There are numerous supermarket chains throughout the nation, all of witch carry coupons magazines. Inquire with your local store where and when can you get one.

CVS Grocery Store CouponsCVS
CVS has an Online Coupon Website of its own, where it offers many printable grocery coupons. The majority of the coupons are manufacturer coupons but occasionally CVS coupons can be spotted in the midst.

CVS also has a big red coupon machine that will spew out coupons when you scan your CVS loyalty card. These coupons are always CVS coupons.

If you opt to give them your email, CVS will often send you a $4/$20 CVS purchase coupon or a $3/$10 one.


Safeway Grocery Store CouponsSafeway
Safeway posts its grocery store coupons on its weekly coupon magazine that is released every Wednesday and often on Sundays too. The magazine can be found in all of the stores.

Depending on where you live, you may be getting those coupon magazines with your Wednesday or Sunday paper. I’ve heard of people getting them by mail, but haven’t been able to confirm it.

Safeway will also release a seasonal coupon book from time to time.  They may be found at the store but for some reason they are usually tacked away, so you’ll need to ask for them at the Customer service. The coupons inside these booklets usually correlate with national promotion campaigns such as frozen Food or the Diabetes Awareness.


Target Grocery Store CouponsTarget
Target does not issue a coupon magazine of its own. Instead, it offers Online Printable Grocery Coupons for major national brands like Bounty, Tide and others that you can print on your computer.

Occasionally, they will put Sunday Paper Coupons on the SmartSource or the RedPlum inserts as well.

These coupons will always have the Target logo on them to differentiate them from the standard Grocery Manufacturer Coupons. It’s important to identify them correctly as such, because they can be Stacked with a manufacturer coupon to increase your savings.

From time to time Target will send by mail coupon book with a variety of grocery coupons to people that are on their mailing list.  You need to have a paid Target loyalty card in order to get on that mailing list.


Walgreens Grocery Store Coupons

WalgreensWalgreens’s posts store coupons every week in its store magazine, which is released on Sundays and can be found in all of the stores themselves. Some local newspapers include this ad magazine on Sundays.

Walgreens also releases a Monthly coupon book with dozens of coupons inside, that can be found in all of the stores.

When you get hold of the booklet don’t rush to use the coupons. These coupons correlate well with the monthly planed sales, and it’s worth hanging on to them until they can be paired with the sale prices to double your savings, as described in our Smart Coupon Strategy article.

From time to time Walgreens releases a themed coupon booklet (e.g.  Infant-Care-Coupon-Book, Diabetes-and-You-Coupon-Book etc). The coupons in these booklets will usually have longer expiration date.


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