Sunday Paper Coupons

Sunday Paper CouponsSunday Paper Coupons has always been and still are one of the best sources for grocery coupons. As much as 100 food coupons and grocery coupons are stuffed in the coupon inserts most Sunday papers has.

At any given weekend there can be between two and five of these coupon inserts. Each one has a name, features different brands and has different recurrence schedule. 

These coupon inserts feature mainly Manufacturer Grocery Coupons, as well as a small amount of Grocery Store Coupons. It is important to know and identify correctly which is which, because Manufacturer coupons are good candidates for Coupon Stacking and Double Coupons – two techniques for increasing your savings.

There are two types of coupon inserts:

  1. Manufacturer specific inserts that carries grocery coupons for that manufacturer’s brand only. These include the following inserts:
    • Proctor & Gamble Sunday Paper Coupons InsertProctor & Gamble –  Occurs monthly. Features food coupons for all of P&G brands (e.g. Pampers, Tide, Bounty and many more).
    • General Mills Sunday Paper Coupons InsertGeneral Mills – Occurs monthly (sometimes less). Features coupons for all of General Mills brands (e.g. Yoplait, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Cheerios and many more).
  2. General inserts that carries grocery coupons mainly for selected manufacturers, as well as grocery store coupons from time to time. These include the following inserts:
    • Smart Source Sunday Paper Coupons InsertSmart Source – Comes almost every week. It carries coupons for many national leading manufacturers (e.g. Kraft, Nabisco and many more).

      In addition to the Sunday coupon inserts, SmartSource distributes additional printable grocery coupons on its website as well as in our coupon store.

    • Red Plum Sunday Paper Coupons insertRed Plum – Comes almost every week. It carries coupons for many national leading manufacturers (e.g. Lysol, Listerine, Woolies and many more).

      In addition to the Sunday coupon inserts, RedPlum distributes additional printable grocery coupons (See our coupon store).

If you don’t have a subscription for a newspaper that carries these inserts, you can make a Sunday only subscription, or simply buy the paper on weekends with multiple inserts, preferably at a dollar stores.

In order for you to be able to plan ahead, we supply you with the 2018 Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts Schedule. We will even do our best to supply you each Saturday with a full preview of that Sunday’s Coupons!

Use this Sunday Coupons Preview to determine if or how many copies of the Sunday papers to buy, or skip buying and order only the coupons that you need from one of these coupon clipping services.

If you find one or more high-value coupons that you’d like many of, you have a few options:

  1. Simply buy a few copies of the Sunday Paper.
  2. Get copies from friends, family or neighbors.
  3. Print additional Smart Source & Red Plum coupons directly from our website here and here.
  4. Buy these coupons for a small fee at eBay or at specialized coupon clipping services.
  5. Use our Printable Grocery Coupons Store to find more alike coupons.
  6. Search a wide selection of Grocery Coupon Websites for more printable coupons.
  7. Send an email to the manufacturers, tell them that you like their product and get Free Manufacturer Coupons by mail.

Here are a few more things you may want to keep in mind:

  • Most of the cost-effective coupons are the small ones, those without glitzy graphics, so you’ll have to read the fine print.
  • Occasionally, you may spot some Grocery Store Coupons among the Manufacturer Grocery Coupons. For example, from time to time Target offers store coupons for national brand items like Tide, Bounty and others. They always have the Target logo on them so they are easy to differentiate from the other Manufacturer coupons.

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