Free Grocery Coupons

Confused about coupons? Here is a simple explanation about the different types of free grocery coupons.

There are primarily two different types of grocery coupons that can be used at the grocery stores and supermarkets. It’s important to differentiate between the two because both can be paired (see Coupon Stacking) to increase your saving considerably.

Manufacturer CouponManufacturer Coupons
These are issued by most national manufacturers, and are distributed in a variety of methods. They can be found in national Sunday paper coupon inserts, direct-mailers, magazines, retailer magazines, grocery stores aisles coupon dispensers, package inserts, online at our printable grocery coupons section or at various grocery coupon websites, mail-in forms, and often accompany samples that you receive in the mail.

Usually the manufacturer will pay the face value of the coupon directly to the store. Some stores will double coupons to attract customers, and many stores will allow stacking the coupons with their own store coupons.

Grocery manufacturer coupons are put out by the manufacturers as part of national promotion campaigns, and often correlate with the retailer sales. You can take advantage of this by using a Smart Coupon Strategy to increase your savings.

Grocery Store CouponsGrocery Store Coupons
These are coupons that retailers will post in their store newspaper ads, through direct mail, or in local newsletters (subdivision or area newsletters). Usually the manufacturer offers an advertising allowance to the store to cover the expense of the advertisement and mailing fee.

eCoupons are electronic coupons that load onto your grocery store loyalty card. When you purchase the specified items and scan your store card, the eCoupon amount automatically comes off your total during checkout – no paper coupon is needed. Not all stores offer eCoupons, but they are becoming more common. Click to learn how eCoupons can improve your savings.

Online Printable Coupons
Often manufacturers and grocery stores alike will have coupons listed on their web sites which can be printed and used in stores. Many more printable grocery coupons can be found in our Printable Coupons Section, or in various Grocery Coupon Websites. We also provide you with a preview of the Know Your Coupon!
Understanding the differences between grocery store coupons and manufacturer coupons is very important, since each has a different set of rules that apply to it – they
double and stack differently, they can’t be used at the same stores and are found in different places.
If you want to maximize your savings – you’ll need to identify correctly each type of coupon and understand its limitations.

For example – lets assume the Kellogg’s and Target put out coupons for special k cereals. The two coupons are for the same product – Kellogg’s special k cereals.

  • Kellogg’s coupon will have a “MANUFACTURER COUPON” imprinted on it. Target coupon will have Target’s logo on it.
  • Kellogg’s coupon may double. Target coupon never will.
  • You can use the Kellogg’s coupon at any store. The Target coupon is only valid at the Target stores.
  • Kellogg’s coupon can be stacked with any grocery store coupon. Target coupon can be stacked only with Kellogg’s coupon.
  • Kellogg’s coupon can be use to purchase any other type of cereals by Kellogg’s. Target coupon is good only for the special k.
  • They even tax differently

It is also very important to identify correctly all the coupon terms and qualifying conditions. Use this guide to learn what all that stuff on your grocery coupon really means.

How to accumulate coupons
Grocery Coupons can be found everywhere! The more accustomed you become to collecting and using coupons, the more coupons will turn up. Use this guide to learn where to find grocery coupons.

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