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Mobile CouponingMobile Couponing emerges as the next hot ticket, making it easier for shoppers to use digital coupons right in the store. If you have a web-enabled mobile device, you can now use it to increase your saving on groceries.

Mobile Couponing is an advanced form of using eCoupons. The only difference is that instead of searching and loading e-coupons onto your store’s loyalty card at home using your computer – you can access, search and load the digital coupons while at the store via your mobile browser, or even better – an App.

Who supply mobile couponing services?
Many companies offer eCoupons on their websites. Only a few however provide Apps to use along with your Smartphone.

Currently only Cellfire and SavingStar (Upromise is using the SavingStar platform) offer true mobile couponing Apps. However, if you have a web-enabled mobile device you can always use it in store regardless of whether your e-coupons provider intended it’s website to be used in store.

The difference between using a designated App and a mobile browser is that the Apps are more convenient than a browser. Searching for digital coupons and loading them onto your hand-held device or loyalty card is much easier with the Apps as they are especially designed  for that purpose.

Another difference is that when you use your App while shopping – the retailer can respond in real time to your shopping and eCoupon selection by offering you more e-coupons and deals (which has more pros than cons in my view as I explain below).

Where can I find these Apps to download from?
Click the following links to download the free mobile couponing Apps:

Are there any rules to mobile coupons?
As explained above, mobile coupons are actually electronic coupons/digital coupons. All of the rules that apply to eCoupons apply to digital couponing as well.

A word of caution
An iron rule with all couponers and wise shoppers is to prepare in advance. A true couponer compiles a shopping list at home, based on his pantry stockpile and his/her batch of coupons.
While shopping – a wise shopper rarely deviates from his/her shopping list.

Mobile Couponing can easily tempt you into impulsive shopping – exactly the opposite of your money-saving objective. Imagine the following scenario: You’re in the cleaning products aisle, and after choosing a laundry detergent (say Tide brand) and dish washing soap (say Dawn brand) – both of which were on your shopping list you had Cellfire/Shortcuts “cents off” eCoupons for on your mobile device – you impulsively pick up a container of Downey fabric softener and a box of Bounce dryer sheets because you suddenly find “cents off” e-coupons on the website or via your Cellfire/Shortcuts App for these items.

Sounds cool? Not exactly…

This type of impulsive buying is exactly what you’re trying to avoid when it comes to money-saving.

So, should or shouldn’t I use Mobile Couponing?
That is entirely up to you. True – It’s convenient and time saving, but if you can’t resist temptations and find yourself deviating from your shopping list time and again – consider giving it up.

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