How to Accumulate Grocery Coupons

How to Accumulate Grocery Coupons
Grocery Coupons can be found everywhere! The more accustomed you become to collecting and using coupons, the more coupons will turn up.

If you want coupon effectively and save money on groceries, you’ll need to collect grocery coupons, lots of coupons. Knowing all the available sources for food coupons can help you build a diversified coupon inventory, one that will enable you to get many items almost for free.

It is important to understand the difference between where you got coupon from to what type of coupon it is. For example – many manufacturer coupons are distributed in the grocery stores. That doesn’t make them store coupons.

Following is a list of the common ways to accumulate free grocery coupons.

  • Sunday Paper Coupon InsertsSunday Paper Coupon Inserts
    Perhaps the best source for coupons is your Sunday paper coupon inserts. As much as 100 manufacturer coupons and grocery store coupons are stuffed in the coupon inserts most Sunday papers has. The coupons from these inserts will correlate well with the store’s sales and are your best choice for Smart Coupon Strategy.

    Some of these coupon inserts companies have a website where you can download more coupons to print. Click here for RedPlum website, Click here for SmartSource website or simply use our coupon store.

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  • Free Online Manufacturer Coupons
    Many companies advertise Free Manufacturer Coupons on their website or on their Facebook page that you can print at home.
    Here’s a list of such companies along with the link to their website where you can find the coupons to print and other promotional campaigns.
  • Grocery Store Magazines
    Almost every chain of grocery stores offers a weekly/monthly magazine, packed with store coupons and deals.
    Grocery store coupons are an excellent augmentation to the Sunday paper coupons, and can often be stacked with the manufacturer coupons to increase the shopper’s savings.
  • Coupon Magazines
    Many magazines offer coupons, deals and saving offers. The best coupon magazine is All You, with anywhere between $60-$100 worth of coupons in each issue.

    Single issues of “All You” magazine are sold only at Wal-Mart. Subscription are available via All You Magazine website.

    Coupons can also be found in Better Homes and Gardens, Kraft Food & Family and Woman’s Day.

  • Get Manufacturer Coupons by mail
    A great way to get Free Manufacturer Coupons is to email the manufacturer. This way you can target products that you like and get grocery coupons that you can really use! Companies are always interested in hearing from their customers and many of them will mail coupons in return.

    Another good thing about the coupons that manufacturers send by mail is that they generally have very long expiration dates.

  • Exchange Coupons
    If you need more coupons from the Sunday inserts you have a few options:
    • Exchange the coupons you don’t use with family/friends/ neighbors.
    • Get unused coupon inserts from family/friends/ neighbors that doesn’t coupon.
    • Buy more Sunday papers on weekends with lots of coupons.
    • Join (or setup) a Coupon Exchange Group in you community. (Thanks Cynthia)

  • Purchase Coupons
    You can purchase coupons online for a tiny fee. Your options for purchasing coupons are:
    • Buy coupons online at eBay for a small fee. Usually you can find coupons in multitudes of 10′ 15 or 20. Actually, consider becoming a seller yourself. Sell your Sunday paper coupons you don’t use to others.
    • Use coupon clipping services to buy grocery coupons for a tiny fee. These services allow buying coupons in smaller numbers than what you can find in eBay.
  • Printable Food CouponsDownload online printable coupons
    Use online printable coupons, offered in our printable grocery coupons section, or use dozens of other grocery coupon websites.
  • eCouponsDownload eCoupons onto your loyalty card
    Some retailers let you load free electronic coupons onto your loyalty card. When you scan your card at checkout – these eCoupons comes off automatically.

  • Mobile CouponDownload coupons onto your loyalty card while shopping
    If you have a web-enabled cellular phone you can access and load digital coupons/electronic coupons/eCoupons onto your loyalty card while at the store. Read more about it here.
  • Find coupons scattered all over the grocery stores
    An excellent place to find coupons is in the grocery store. Many of the coupons offered inside the grocery stores are actually Manufacturer Coupons that can be used at any store that accepts coupons. This also makes them good candidates for exchanging with your friends, family or coupon exchange group.
    • Blinkie Grocery CouponsBlinkies
      These are small red dispensers (SmartSource Coupon Machines) that blink in order to attract shoppers. They contain manufacturer coupons and are usually located on store shelves in front of the promoted product. Blinkies can be used in any store that accepts coupons.
    • Take One Box Grocery CouponsSmartSource TakeOne Box
      Often called Bonus Boxes, these small boxes are usually located at eye level on store shelves near the product which is being promoted. It is designed to dispense coupons, recipes, rebates and other promotional material.
    • SmartSource Showcase ExtraSmartSource Showcase Extra Food Coupons
      Similar to Blinkies & TakeOne Boxes, these dispensers are located on the shelf near the promoted products and contains colorful cards that pop out to attract the shopper’s eye. They are also used to dispense coupons or rebates.
    • Tearpad Grocery CouponsTear Pads
      Similar to Blinkies, these are pads with coupons or rebate forms attached to them and are usually located on the shelf or displayed near the advertised product. Like blinkies, tear pads coupons can be used in any store that accepts coupons.
    • Peelie Grocery CouponsPeelies
      These are coupons that are attached directly to the product. You simply remove the coupon stickers from the item. Peelies can be used in any store that accepts coupons.
    • Catalina Grocery CuponsCatalina Coupons
      These are distributes at checkout for manufacturer’s products that can be purchased within the grocery store. They are printed separately from the grocery store receipt although they are printed on receipt-like paper and handed to the customer together. They also can be used in any store that accepts coupons.
    • Freezer Extra Food CouponsFreezer Extra
      These are dispensers that are attached to the refrigerator and freezer doors throughout the store. They are designed to distribute coupons for products in the section where the dispenser is attached.
    • Bottle Nec Food Coupons5Hangtag Coupons
      These are coupons or rebate forms that are attached to the neck of bottles and jars. Often these coupons are for related food products and do not specify that a purchase of the bottled item is required.
    • On-Receipt Grocery CouponsReceipt Coupons
      Some grocery stores will print coupons for future purchases at the store along with the receipt. These coupons are good only for the retailer’s chain of stores.
    • Grocery Coupons on Back of ReceiptReceipt Coupons Back
      These coupons are pre-printed on the back of the register receipts paper. Usually they are for local stores such as dry cleaners or health clubs.
    • CVS Coupon ScanerLoyalty Card Scanners
      Some retailers (e.g. CVS) have introduced coupon machines that will spew out coupons when you scan your loyalty card. These coupons are always store coupons, and many of them are for the store’s brands.

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